Creating Your Homes List Post on Facebook

Now that you have your Mail-Right Homes List set up, you’re ready to get an ad live on Facebook. For now, follow the exact process that Jonathan describes. Later we will give you the tools to create your own ads that are responsive to the exact needs of your markets. Right now you are investing in your own skills and knowledge, and mastering the basic technique for building ads will pay dividends.

Checklist for this unit:

Notebook and pen

Facebook open to Ads Manager

Make sure to take detailed notes on processes. This will give you a reference sheet that fits your personal preferences and needs. Writing down the process will also help you lock down the skills that the rest of the program is built on.

Text for your post:

“Attention [market], Do you know of anyone looking to purchase a home this [season/month/year]? Follow here: I have compiled a FREE report of homes for sale right here in [market] priced UNDER $xxx,xxx. Some of these homes even qualify for Special Financing Programs! Follow here: Thanks, [name] P.S. feel free to call/text with any questions (123)-456-7890”


Follow the instructions in the video to make your first Facebook Ad. Note any problems or questions as you go through making your ad. Take any questions to the Facebook group to get help and support.