Creating Your Business or Community Page

It’s not all about likes, comments, shares. It’s about LEADS. How many leads are coming into your pipeline as a result of what you are doing on Facebook? You don’t have to have the prettiest page in the world so don’t spend too much time trying to make your page perfect. This video will show you how to make a basic functional page for your business on Facebook.

Checklist for this unit:

Log-in to Facebook in another browser window or another tab in your browser.
Make sure to have your contact information handy so that you can add it to your page.
If you already have a business page, then navigate to your page so that you can see how well your page is working.

Building your page is all about creating that personal connection with potential customers. You want them to start falling in love with you, and the easiest place to start is through your business page. You will want to look natural and approachable. Contrary to what you might expect, that means it’s best not to use professional head-shots for your picture.


If you haven’t uploaded a personal narrative to your Facebook page, post your ideas on what you would write in the Facebook group, and ask for feedback. Then post your narrative to your page.