Guerrilla Marketing

A Welcome Message from Our Founder
Welcome to Mail-Right University. We hope that you are as excited as we are to begin this adventure together! Please take a moment to look over the information below, and then watch the video. Every unit in this course will be organized similarly to this one. They will include a short introduction to the material; a checklist to make sure you can follow along effectively; and then a video from Jonathan. After each video is a short summary of key information and a series of exercises to help you retain and expand on what you just learned.You will have to go in order. It is critical that you follow the instructions exactly as they are laid out. If you follow the plan, you’ll see results. However, you are responsible for your own success. It is up to you to do the work.

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Getting Started

Starting Your First Ad Campaign 

Lead Ads Strategy

Measure and Report

Re-targeting: Your Most Powerful Tool

Converting Online Leads

Fish In A Barrel

Get Organized

Social Listing Method

Open Door Strategy

The Homebuyer’s Quiz

The Facebook Plan Tab

Assets in Ad Manager

Next Steps

Appendix: The Hot Seat